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Luxury Car Hire in Dubai

Experience The City With Luxury Car Hire in Dubai

Driving a luxurious car is a great experience. Not only does it provide a memorable travel experience, but it is also a great way to increase your business opportunity. Driving a luxurious car is a great way to impress your business partners. Luxury Car Hire in Dubai is a booming business field because of the […]

Best Car Hire Company

Why All Best Car Hire Company has Mercedes AMG G63?

Mercedes AMG G63 is a marvel which is perfect for both an adventurous ride and a relaxing seamless journey. Since it is ideal for any type of journey, many people prefer choosing it over others. Because of its huge popularity, comfortability and likeability, it is the number one vehicle chosen by many in almost all […]

Best Car Rental Company in Dubai

Porsche Rental from the Best Car Rental Company in Dubai

The German brand Porsche is famed for its style and performance. Their incredible dynamics, otherworldly looks and serious exclusivity make them one of a kind. All these special features and characteristics it holds is the reason behind the worldwide fondness towards these wild supercars. With such a huge fanbase, this global brand is dominating all […]

Monthly Car Rental in Dubai

Things to Know About The Monthly Car Rental in Dubai

A planned journey or an unplanned one the number of days chosen may extend or shorten sometimes because of various reasons and emergencies. The last-minute trips might extend further or a well-planned trip might get shortened, the amount that one should have to pay for a Monthly Car Rental in Dubai will definitely get affected […]

Cheap Monthly Car Rental Dubai

How to Find The Best Deal for a Cheap SUV Rental Car?

There is nothing more interesting than experiencing a great road trip, especially with friends or family. To have a good time with loved ones and to enjoy the destination and journey with freedom and flexibility road trips are the perfect ones. Also if it is on one’s own vehicle it will be even more enjoyable […]

Luxury Car Hire in Dubai

Things to Know Before Booking a Fancy Car in Dubai

Selecting and booking a car that provides luxurious comfort, amenities, performance and style is not a complicated process. But there are certain things to keep in mind while Booking Car Rental. Private Car Rental has now become a common sight in Dubai. Because of its convenience and budget-friendly rates, many are choosing Personal Car Rental […]

Cheap Monthly Car Rental Dubai


Embark the next adventure with cost-effective rental cars that incorporate both luxury and convenience. Using a Budget Rental Car in Dubai is more comfortable than opting for public transportation. This is the same in the case of both tourists and professionals. Getting a Cheap Rental Car is preferred by the masses over waiting and planning […]

Dubai Super Car Hire


In Dubai, it is not difficult to find a Super Car cruising through the dashing road of that flashy and dazzling land, where dreams meet reality. While driving a luxury car is still far from a dream in many countries, Dubai makes it all happen as everything. It is a place that is not ready […]

Rent a Car Company in Dubai

Reasons to Rent a Car in Dubai?

With each passing year, the number of people visiting Dubai is surprisingly increasing at a higher rate, mainly to enjoy the breathtaking views or to take part in a conference or business meeting. The city has already turned into a tourist and commercial hub for a lot of global officials, making Dubai one of the […]

Luxury STS Car image

Drive a Supercar in Dubai from the Top Car Rental Services

The rich and colorful life in Dubai is famous around the world and attracts quite a lot of tourists from everywhere. Everyone has a chance to revel in the comforts the city has to offer, with great opportunities for enjoying luxury up close. Driving a premium luxury vehicle is one of the main highlights when […]

Mercedes Rental - Luxury STS

Best Tips for Maintaining Your Super Car Rental Dubai

Dubai attracts quite a lot of visitors, with its stunning vistas, the high-life, and the shopping experience offering much in the way of glitz and glamour. There is simply a lot to do if you are on vacation in the city, and a single trip will probably not be enough to explore it all. If […]

Best Car Hire Company

Rent an SUV for your Vacation in Dubai

Getting a rental car is the best choice for moving around when you are on vacation in Dubai. The highways are designed for smooth cruising, and traffic congestions are practically unheard of. A fancy trip across the Emirate is not complete if you have not booked a premium luxury car.  A lot of people are […]

تشتهر لكجري اس تي اس ، التي يقع مقرها الرئيسي في دبي ، بتشكيلة السيارات الفخمه عالية الجودة.نسعى جاهدين لتقديم تجربة تأجير سيارات خاليه من المتاعب لعملائنا من خلال الابتكار المستمر والمنسق لتوصيل السيارات وتجربة عملاء مميزة.