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Getting a rental car is the best choice for moving around when you are on vacation in Dubai. The highways are designed for smooth cruising, and traffic congestions are practically unheard of. A fancy trip across the Emirate is not complete if you have not booked a premium luxury car. 

A lot of people are confused about the kind of car they need to book while on vacation. It comes down to the kind of vacation you have planned, but our best recommendation for a fun-filled family trip would undoubtedly be an SUV. They are quite popular in Dubai, with many Exotic Car Rental companies offering top-of-the-line SUVs at affordable prices, and many families on vacation opt for a larger vehicle for better comfort.

Let us get to know why choosing an SUV in Dubai is the better option, and the advantages it can offer over other kinds of cars when you plan your vacation in Dubai.

Why rent a car in Dubai

Many first-time visitors would be apprehensive about getting a rental car in Dubai. After all, public transportation is a convenient option to get around the city with buses and metro lines covering almost all parts of the city. It is also incredibly cheap – a day-long trip would cost about AED 20, and children can ride for free.

But then you would be sharing the space with a lot of people and you would naturally have to compromise on privacy if you are with your family. And your vacation would have to plan around busy schedules and getting to a specific place would need to be adjusted with different bus lines.

Car rentals offer the choice of planning a vacation just for you and your family in your own private space. All the fun of getting to your destination, without losing out on the comfort and convenience of traveling is possible when you book a luxury vehicle.

More spacious – inside and out

The one advantage that can be the deciding factor when choosing a rental car for your vacation, more space for relaxing, and stretching comfortably would be a plus point for SUVs. The raised seats would be perfect for driving comfortably, and when getting in and out of the vehicle. For a long drive across the country, you would find this highly convenient, as a cramped interior in a hatchback would be unsuitable.

There would also be ample space for the luggage without compromising on interior space. SUVs have a lot of cargo space over other kinds of cars, so if you have a lot of luggage – as you would when traveling with family – booking a rental SUV would be a good option. 

Besides the interior space, SUVs can carry more luggage with roof racks and cargo carriers. Having too much luggage would not be an issue when you choose an SUV as your go-to vacation ride.

Economic rental choice

With more people looking to rent cars while on vacation in Dubai, the increasing demand has made the rental prices become very competitive. Still, it is better than having to rely on public transportation that is limited to the city, or the cab services that are much priced much higher.

Booking a rental car in Dubai, you would be looking at a lot of add-on features to help you on your journey, and these would cost extra. SUVs are a cost-effective option when choosing to rent a car in Dubai because they offer a range of features that come with the car, so you do not have to worry about paying out of your pocket for a premium driving experience.

Foldable seats, integrated navigation system, well-built cabin, and high-tech infotainment system are just some of the features that come with an SUV. And the longer duration you book an SUV for, the lower would be the renting charges. Exotic Car Rental companies would usually offer great discounts for week-long SUV rentals. If you are looking for a whole lot of features in a premium vehicle without paying more, an SUV would be the right choice. 

A whole lot of safety features

When renting a vehicle in Dubai, the possibility of getting into an accident is always considered by the rental car companies, and they offer insurance packages specifically for such contingencies. Most safety features like airbags and anti-locking brakes are a given in any type of car you book. But for SUVs, their specialized safety features and compact build make them a better choice if you prioritize safety above appearance. 

The higher driving position in an SUV is certainly an advantage when driving on the highways. You can spot other vehicles as well as any speed bumps on the road at a distance and adjust your speed accordingly. Take adequate safety precautions when driving in Dubai – wear your seatbelts and drive under the speed limit. Also, look out for erratic drivers on the road and keep your distance from them. And above all, follow the road signs that guide you to drive in a responsible manner on the highways.

All-terrain cruising

If you are planning to tour Dubai with your family, you would not just be driving in the city but going across the desert and perhaps even a trip to the mountains. Normal sedans and hatchbacks may not exactly be the kind of rides that you would choose when going cross-country. SUVs pack a lot of features that make them ideal for driving on any terrain.

Most SUVs win over other vehicle types with their four-wheel-drive capability. The occasional sandstorms or the steep terrains would be no match for a powerful SUV like the Nissan Patrol Platinum that offers supreme comfort even in the harshest conditions. With traction control and a compact build, an SUV would be the ideal choice when you go on a long drive when vacationing in Dubai. 

Better fuel-efficiency

A lot f rental car companies charge extra for fuel charges when you book an Exotic Car Rental. You would be prompted to either pay upfront for a pre-determined amount of fuel or pay for all fuel charges on the trip by yourself. Going on a road trip across Dubai would be only too easy with an SUV rental when you consider their better fuel efficiency. 

The latest SUVs like the Jeep Wrangler or the Mercedes Benz G-63 are designed for minimal fuel consumption. Some of the top rental car companies offer premium SUVs like the Range Rover Vogue and the Range Rover SVR that have incredible fuel efficiency and let you cruise around the highways without needing to refuel frequently.

Check out long-term rentals if you are planning to stay a while in Dubai. With fuel-efficient SUVs, you could maintain your fuel budget throughout and not have to worry about paying too much.

Reliable premium rentals for you

Luxury STS offers top-of-the-line sports cars from global brands to swathe your dream vacation in absolute luxury. As the leading exotic car rental service in Dubai, we turn your holiday into a fairytale trip across the golden city. Avoid the hassles of a car rental when you book a ride with us. If you are looking to drive around Dubai in style at affordable rates, we are here to help you out.


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