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Dubai attracts quite a lot of visitors, with its stunning vistas, the high-life, and the shopping experience offering much in the way of glitz and glamour. There is simply a lot to do if you are on vacation in the city, and a single trip will probably not be enough to explore it all. If you find yourself bemused at the intricate network of public transportation in the city, you would undoubtedly find it helpful to rent a premium car to get around.

Experiencing the best the city has to offer and staying classy like royalty is easy if you can take care of your rental luxury car right. Maintaining a luxury car is a tasking job if you own one. Just the same, taking care of a rental luxury car carries responsibility as well. Responsible driving and good maintenance can go a long way to a fun-filled vacation in Dubai with your loved ones.

Why choose a rental car in Dubai

Walking the streets can be the best way to explore a city, as the saying goes. But in Dubai, getting around to the best places would take much more than a day’s stroll: you could stay a month in the city and still not have explored a quarter of its treasures. The public transportation system can get you across the city but with many stops on the way and interchanges from metros to buses and back. 

Getting where you want to go and doing so at your own time is best achieved when you get a Super Car Rental Dubai. You can pack as much as the car can hold, and go anywhere you want in the city without stepping out of the comfort zone of your luxury rental car.

Maintaining Luxury Cars

Expensive luxury cars come with a certain unique charm – high performance and rich aesthetics bring out a timeless appeal that is scarcely achieved with a common hatchback car. The high cost of owning a luxury car comes from the promise to deliver this charm. Each car is a special piece – a work of art that is not mass-produced.

Their uniqueness also means that you cannot simply go to a service garage to get a luxury car fixed up. They require specialized equipment and custom-made car parts, as well as expert knowledge of repairing luxury cars. So any damages to the car would incur significant charges in addition to the security deposit. For this reason, maintaining the luxury rental car properly should always be your top priority.

Look around for the best cars

Choosing the right rental service company is the first step to getting the perfect rental supercar. Go through some of the top rental companies and check out the cars on offer, their services as well as any perks they might provide. 

Premium rental cars often come with some special offers, and you can get add-on services for long-term rentals. Convenience is also a factor: online booking, pickup, and drop services can be quite handy if your itinerary is off-schedule, as can happen sometimes.

Get to know your car

The basic rule of driving a luxury car is to know the vehicle and its controls really well. There are plenty of drivers who choose a rental luxury car while on holiday in Dubai but find it immensely difficult to navigate the roads without having a clue as to what the different buttons on the dashboard actually do. Simply selecting a supercar for its looks is not enough when it comes to responsible driving.

Understanding the basic functions of the buttons in the car will help you focus on driving smoothly on the highways of Dubai. Get to know the car and its strong points before you start driving it. This way, you will be able to handle the drive without worrying about intricate controls and enjoy your vacation swathed in comfort.

Choose a rental car insurance

Driving a supercar in Dubai is quite a breezy affair since the roads are so well maintained. Even so, the risk of accidents is an eventuality for which you must always be prepared. Rental service companies would always provide insurance packages along with the booking even if you already have your own insurance.

Take special note of the various kinds of insurance coverage options before you choose one. If the damages to your own vehicle are not insured against, you could lose the security deposit placed with the rental service company. Check with your credit card provider for any insurance package if you pay by card. This could get you better insurance offers and remove the hassle of claiming insurance by yourself.

Inspect the Car

Rental car companies charge you for any damages sustained by the rental supercar unless your insurance covers it. Do make sure to give a once-over to your rental car before you drive off with it – any previous damages that might have been overlooked could be charged to you instead. Notify the rental service company in case there are any damages, and get it photographed for reference.

Keep it clean

You will probably never find a luxury car that has a messy interior. Keeping your rental car clean at all times is a sign of class. In a city that is full of luxury cars, a little class can go a long way. And rental service companies will definitely charge you for any spills and leaks on the upholstery, so it would be a good move to keep your personal items secure when driving.

Stay on the roads

A desert trip is a popular tourist activity in Dubai. Off-road driving on the sand dunes is quite a thrilling sport with the more adventurous travelers. But these are undertaken with special off-roading vehicles that can take on the desert terrain. Luxury cars are better suited for cruising along the highways than the sands. It may also damage your vehicle if you drive off the road, so stick to the highways if you rent a luxury car on your vacation.

Drive safely

Dubai is the perfect destination for driving enthusiasts, with expansive highways inviting you to cruise leisurely. Zooming across the vista in a Super Car Rental Dubai sounds like the perfect holiday experience. But the roads are not always safe, and reckless driving can get you into trouble really quickly.

Road signs help motorists get across the city with perfect ease and keep the roads safe for everyone. Luxury supercar or not, these laws apply to everyone just the same. Maintain safe driving speed at all times so there is a lower risk of accidents. And traffic fines can take the fun out of your vacation. So follow the rules and drive carefully so your vacation will go smoothly and without any hitches.

Premium supercars for your perfect vacation

Luxury STS offers the best premium supercar rentals in Dubai from some of the top global automobile brands. As the leading Super Car Rental Dubai, we make your dream come true for a holiday in Dubai. We can help you get fitted with the best rides at affordable rates for your vacation. Enjoy the sights and lights of this wonderful city at your own pace as you drive around in a glitzy sports car. We are here to help you discover the perfect vacation.


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