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The rich and colorful life in Dubai is famous around the world and attracts quite a lot of tourists from everywhere. Everyone has a chance to revel in the comforts the city has to offer, with great opportunities for enjoying luxury up close.

Driving a premium luxury vehicle is one of the main highlights when you are on a vacation in Dubai. The city has so many supercars on the highways that even the authorities are using them. The experience of driving a luxury car is no small thing, and you can bet that your vacation will be perfect with a rental luxury car.

Driving on the highways is quite easy. The roads are well-maintained and the latest technology is used to collect tolls and manage vehicle parking. In a city that is famed for its glitz and glamour, going on vacation is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the high-life even for the briefest time. 

Driving Exotic Cars in Dubai

You do not have to own a luxury car in Dubai to make your dream vacation come true. Renting one is so easy and driving it across the city would get you to feel like royalty. Now there are some general guidelines that you need to keep in mind when you rent a luxury vehicle.

When you rent a luxury car in Dubai with the Top Car Rental Services, you must be sure to follow all the right rules and be responsible. This will ensure that your trip to Duba is without any trouble. A lot of visitors to Dubai would be unfamiliar with the way booking a rental vehicle works over here. So we have put together some of the handy tips to make sure that your perfect vacation with your loved ones goes smoothly. 

Choose the right car insurance

Most people gloss over the process of getting insurance on their rental vehicle because the probability of meeting with an eventuality is never considered when going on the perfect vacation in Dubai. The authorities in Dubai have made it mandatory for drivers to have at least third-party liability coverage so that in the case of an accident, the affected party would be recompensed. 

Keep an eye out for full coverage insurance packages – they offer better protection against accidents or damages to the rental vehicle. Higher-priced insurance packages would offer better coverage usually, but compare the insurance offered by the rental service company with that of third-party providers. Credit card companies too would offer rental car insurance at affordable rates when you make the booking with their credit card. 

Research for the right car

Go through multiple rental service companies before picking the one for your trip. Luxury cars are available all over Dubai, and booking one with the first rental company you see would not always be a good move. Check out their rental policies and if they have any special offers for tourists.

Choose the rental car based on your specific requirements rather than the price or looks. An SUV would work out for off-road driving better while city cruises would be delightful in a sports car. Traveling with your family or going solo, choose the right car for your trip carefully.

Inspecting the vehicle

Rental service companies charge you for any damages to the vehicle when you return it at the end of your trip. This may be a simple dent on the bumper or a flat tire, but damage fees are quite high for many luxury cars. Without the right insurance coverage, you could end up losing the security deposit placed with the rental service company during the booking.

Check out the car carefully before you set out. Pay attention to any damages that might have been overlooked by that rental service company. Do take pictures of the damages for reference and submit them to the rental service company beforehand. This way, you will not have to pay for damages made by someone else.

Have the proper documents ready

The process of renting a luxury car in Dubai has been made quite simple and undemanding owing to the burgeoning demand for rental cars with visitors to the city. For all the luxury that you will get to enjoy, all you require is a valid passport and visa and a valid driving license.

Residents in Dubai must have their Emirates ID along with these documents. For visitors to Dubai, the driving license from their home country would be valid if they belong to one of the nationalities specified by the authorities. Others must have a valid International Drivers’ License to make a rental car booking.

Plan out fuel charges

Rental service companies may offer two kinds of fuel charges. You can either pre-book the fuel expenses for the trip with the company itself or pay for fuel expenses throughout the trip on your own. The important part about choosing between these two is to avoid paying for what you do not use. 

If you are renting a luxury car with a planned-out itinerary, it would be better to pre-book fuel charges. This will be less expensive than having to pay for fuel by yourself for the same duration. 

But if your tour is pretty much open-ended or you plan to make detours on the road, getting the car fuelled up by yourself would be a better option. This way you would have enough fuel wherever you need to go without having to pay extra fuel charges to the rental service company.

Watch out for road hazards

The roads are generally safe for motorists in Dubai. In fact, the stringent rules in place have made it quite rare for accidents to happen when driving down the highways. Even so, the risk of accidents is still a distinct possibility. This could be from reckless driving or unexpected road hazards.

Out in the desert, animals may stray onto the road and cause unsuspecting drivers to swerve or hit them and cause accidents. Keep your eyes on the road and be ready to slow down abruptly if you spot any hazards up ahead.

Stay classy on the road

Following the proper traffic rules in Dubai will keep you from getting hefty fines. Even when driving a supercar, maintaining proper safety rules will be a sure sign that you are made for the high-life. Flouting the rules in a luxury vehicle would attract much more infamy than if you were to do so in an ordinary vehicle.

Follow the traffic signs and the speed limits everywhere in the city. The roads are made for driving, and everyone must follow the same rules. These are put in place to ensure a smooth driving experience for everyone. Your vacation should be assuredly perfect when you drive safely.

Get the Top Car Rental Services

Driving an Exotic Rental Car in Dubai is the perfect highlight for your vacation. Book a ride with Luxury STS to enjoy the best cars on offer in Dubai at the lowest prices. We have some of the finest cars from top brands. Go on a long drive across the desert or cruise down the highways for a taste of the high life. We can help you fulfill the perfect vacation dream with a rental luxury car.

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