Dubai Super Car Hire

In Dubai, it is not difficult to find a Super Car cruising through the dashing road of that flashy and dazzling land, where dreams meet reality. While driving a luxury car is still far from a dream in many countries, Dubai makes it all happen as everything. It is a place that is not ready to settle for anything other than top-notch just like Luxury STS, which is the ultimate answer for Dubai Super Car Hire.

Luxury STS is the perfect destination for Short Term Car Rental with the availability of almost all premium quality luxurious supercars including a range from Mercedes Benz G-63, Mercedes Benz S 500 and Range Rover SVR to Kia Sportage Wagon, Jeep Wrangler and Audi A5. The diversity and availability of car brands make it both high quality and the Cheapest Rental Car Company in Dubai.

Checking the rules and instructions on the road and within the company before you choose your ideal rental car from Dubai Super Car Hire is very important. Check some principal guidelines to keep in mind for Short Term Car Rental.


While enjoying the smooth and luxurious ride of Dubai Super Car Hire through the wide and perfect 12 lane roads, it is important to know the speed limit for each street. Since laws and punishments are pretty strong in Dubai, it is a must to thoroughly know the rules and act accordingly. Keep in mind that all highways are completely monitored by speed radars all the time.

Speed limit usually varies from 100-120kmph. However, it changes with each particular area. For example, in the educational and housing areas it’s within the range of 40-60kmph and in the interior streets of Dubai it is 80kmph.


Lately, due to the recent huge investments in road infrastructure, Dubai has started collecting tolls from some roads in the city. The charge is automatically taken with the Salik tag and electronic toll collection system. However, one can avoid these toll roads by taking different routes but sometimes it may take twice as long to reach the destination. 

Also, the systematic parking system for effective accommodation of all vehicles must be used properly to avoid fines and tickets. All the common road regulations must be followed accordingly for a safe and smooth time with your dream car.


For a Dubai Super Car Hire, certain documents need to be submitted for Short Term Car Rental. This includes, first and foremost a valid driver’s license either from any trustworthy country or an international one.

Secondly, one should have credible identity proof. An identity card or a passport will be fine. And lastly, a credit card. All these should be submitted physically and no digital copies will be accepted due to security reasons.  


The minimum age limit to drive in Dubai is 25 and above, this should be strictly followed. Also, one should be well aware of the accidental policies while hiring cars from Cheapest Car Rental Company. Additionally, all the security deposits must be paid in advance and by cheques.

Only the registered person can drive the car, if someone wants to get another driver additional documents are needed to be submitted. Even Though each company’s policies may vary, it is important to know these rules.

In spite of the fact that most of the luxurious Dubai Super Car Hire comes with high-tech and in-built safety systems, it is always mandatory to concentrate on safety. The modern and advanced luxurious cars provided by Luxury STS are always in prime quality and thereby ensure the safety of all kinds.


Before you fix your ideal Dubai Super Car Hire there are some key points to be noted for a stress-free and joyful time with your dream car in Dubai.


There are numerous Cheapest Rental Car Company and Short Term Car Rental are available for your needs. But to select the best and ideal one for you from this ocean of options can be a little tricky. So before selecting the company of your choice, researching a little something about the background of the same and also skimming through some online blogs and social media reviews can be a lot helpful.


Although the insurance policy is discrete according to each company, it is always important to look for such policies in detail in order to have a relaxed time. Check whether they will cover for any damage that might occur to the rental car while it’s with the customer, if not make sure your insurance will provide the necessary services. 


Have a clear idea of the terms and conditions of your chosen Dubai Super Car Hire. For example, some companies ask you to return the car with full tank gas. In others, if you are not of the required age then you have to give extra payment and documents. So always know and meet the conditions and most importantly make sure that the terms and conditions are good for you. Besides these, do not forget to thoroughly inspect the car before using it, take it back on time as well.


The ever increasing popularity and demand for Dubai Super Car Hire have paved the way for many independent Short Term Car Rental Companies all over Dubai. Among the contemporaries, LuxurySTS is a credible and finest one in the business with a great deal of happy and satisfied customers.

LuxurySTS offers premium quality supercars from almost all leading global brands. With cost-effective and affordable price rates and outstanding customer services, LuxurySTS stands out from the rest of the competitors. To make a dream holiday come true with stylish and opulent supercars, LuxurySTS is the best option with a stress-free and pleasant service.


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