Things to Know Before Booking a Fancy Car in Dubai


Luxury Car Hire in Dubai

Selecting and booking a car that provides luxurious comfort, amenities, performance and style is not a complicated process. But there are certain things to keep in mind while Booking Car Rental.

Private Car Rental has now become a common sight in Dubai. Because of its convenience and budget-friendly rates, many are choosing Personal Car Rental for both short and long journeys.

To get a fair idea about the whole responsibilities and guidelines for a smooth and easy ride, skim through the following:

Study the Area and About the Car Rental

Before beginning the exploration in the perfect rental car of the choice it is always good to have a piece of thorough knowledge about the total geographical area and limits authorised for travelling. 

Since the laws in UAE are quite strict driving beyond the restricted areas can cause serious issues and even have to compensate with heavy fines. Luxury STS make sure to provide you with all the necessary information to follow while riding a rental car through the roads of Dubai.

And to know the policies and regulations of the rental company one can always look through their website and reviews.


There is no exception when it comes to toll gates for car renters. But the toll charges given by the driver will be deducted by Private Car Rental in the final payment.

If one gives a little charge for GPS as an initial add on during the process of Booking Car Rental they can save loads of amount by avoiding these toll houses. With the help of GPS navigation, the driver can check and choose routes with no toll booths.

Age Limit and Insurance Policy

It is the client’s responsibility to cover the vehicle insurance before using it. The policies might vary according to the chosen vehicle and the policies of different Personal Car Rental. Usually, car insurances are on condition with giving an extra insurance amount. Make sure to carefully examine and look into it. 

Since the minimum age limit for driving in Dubai is 21 and above, one should abide by the rules and act accordingly. Also, the one who is renting the car should have a driver license from a credible country or an international license. 

Extra Charges and Concessions

Carefully check the Booking Car Rental policies and the Private Car Rental company website to avoid any unforeseen surprises. For the extra addition of facilities and features, one has to pay to add on charges.

These add ons like GPS service, additional insurances Loss damage waiver can be a lot helpful during the journey. Such services ensure security and make the ride more comfortable and easy. So carefully choose the appropriate additionals for a relaxed and stress-free travel experience.

Must-Have Responsibilities of a Car Renter

The customer is responsible for returning the car within the agreed time and date. Also one should return the car in the same condition as it was before, without any faults or scratches.

Other than that, the driver must follow all the traffic rules as well as the rented vehicle must only use for rightful purposes. If someone wants the vehicle for trading intentions then this must be addressed before starting Booking Car Rental. 

Avoid Instances of Fines

With the advanced and smooth road infrastructure of Dubai, it is not very easy to control the adrenaline rush during the ride with the wheels of a powerful car in the hand. But it is better to control that urge unless the customer is ready to pay fines within the range of $900 which increases according to the kilometre per hour in which they drove.

Dubai is a place that is very particular when it comes to speed limits. If a person exceeds 80 kilometres/hour he has to pay about $900 and $80 if crossed 10-15 kilometres/hour limit. Crossing red lights and using a phone while driving can cause a fine of $250 each. Knowing these rules is important so that one will not likely make any mistakes that will cost a lot of money and headaches.

Things to Do During an Accident

The first and foremost thing to do amid an accident is to inform the police even the car is damaged or not. Also, the client has to inform the Personal Car Rental so that they will know how to handle such an issue professionally and give you the necessary instructions to follow. Also, the company will help you to get through such an issue.

In the case of a car malfunction also one has to immediately inform both the police and car rental to send you help if you are stuck in the middle of a destination.

About Luxury STS

As a leading car rental company in Dubai, Luxury STS a smooth Booking Car Rental offers a plethora of high-quality premium cars at affordable rates. Unmatchable customer service and easy booking process make it unique among its peers. Find the right rental car with Luxury STS for a magical ride in Dubai and start a perfect and relaxing vacation in the comfort of a fancy rental car.


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